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Xiamen ceramic tile display stand wholesale which is good

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-07

    It's a bit of a topic like this. The feeling of boasting. For friends who are familiar with the display rack industry, there is certainly nothing to talk about. However, it is necessary for us to introduce our friends outside the display rack industry.

    First of all, it is located in the beautiful Wuhu industrial zone in Xiamen. It's in the center of Xiamen Island. Specific Address: second floor, No. 23, Wuhu industrial community, Huli district, Xiamen city. Baidu Map: http: // j. Map. Baidu. Com/CFbj4

    Registered capital 100. 0 thousand RMB

    Business scope: 1. production, processing and sales: shelves, hardware products, packaging boxes and plastic products; 2. Wholesale and Retail: packaging materials, building materials, handicrafts; 3. Printing Agency (Not printed); 4. website construction (Internet access and information services are not included); 5. interior and exterior decoration design and construction (Business with qualification certificate); 6. import and export of various commodities and technologies (Import and Export Catalogue is not attached) Except for goods and technologies limited by the state to operate or prohibit import and export.

    Products are sold to all parts of the world. this is not something you can brag about casually. From time to time, foreign friends visit our Exhibition Hall .

    It's not just these. our company has its own factory. The designer has rich experience. Every product is designed to be nearly perfect.

    I don't know which companies in Xiamen can meet the above conditions at the same time. We also welcome customers through multi-dimensional comparisons. Choose the Display rack supplier that best suits you .


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