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Why Safeka In Terms Of Cardboard Display

Why Safeka In Terms Of Cardboard Display


Why Safeka In Terms Of Cardboard Display

Safeka Packaging & Display Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer that is dedicated to providing its consumers with the highest quality of packaging products and custom display. Since 2010 it has been the best point of sale display supplier all over China and has expanded its services all throughout the globe. Safeka Packaging & Display Co., Ltd has been known for its dedication in producing the best cardboard display stands. The company's mission is to produce and give its customers the best product with efficiency and good service. Safeka Packaging & Display Co., Ltd is also catching up with innovations using the latest and the best technology available to produce quality and products of highest standards. The company has invested with up to date types of machinery to address customers needs and to be able to provide the best quality solutions and products of the highest standards. Most of all, Safeka is relying on its team that is composed of highly trained professionals who excels in giving quality service, equipped with skills that would create unique and customized cardboard displays just as you need them. Safeka professionals are trained to do the job with a deep understanding of the customers wants and answer the customer's needs.

Safeka Packaging & Display Co., Ltd has years of experience in the industry of customizing and creating unique and personalized cardboard displays. You can count on their capability based on customers feedback with their experience with Safeka. Safeka has invested money and

time in acquiring state of the art machinery that allows them to create quality products just as you need it. They are equipped with production machinery that can be found in their factory and this allows you to save 3% of the cost. They have a competitive sales team that are experienced in dealing with consumers all over the globe. The sales team are equipped with knowledge and capabilities to interact giving the best customer service and professionally dealing and understanding what you need giving you the best advice if ever you need it. Safeka Packaging & Display Co., Ltd has a rich experience when it comes to cardboard production business. Being in the industry for 8 years has given them enough experience and the ability to meet consumers demand without compromising the quality of their products. Their experience as one of the leading manufacturer in cardboard POS

display allows them to produce products that meet the highest standards and also delivers the goods on time. The staffs are again trained to entertain costumers professionally making sure the needs of the customer are being understood. Safeka staff understands to take the customers concerns

first. Safeka Packaging & Display Co., Ltd is a one-stop manufacturer, a supplier that creates quality products and provides the highest quality service when it comes to cardboard displays to manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers. Safeka displays can create unique designs of your cardboard display because of its state of the art machinery. Aside from that Safeka has a team of creative designers that would certainly make those ideas of yours come to reality. These designers are focused on creating the layouts and help you see what would be the best cardboard design or type for your need. The team will make sure to address the creative aspect of the cardboard that you want for your brand or product. Before they begin to create your display, they will first check all possibilities like the height of the display, the color and the design itself making sure also that they satisfy customers. Safeka team of designers are equipped with extensive knowledge when it comes to the layout, design and the artistic side of your display. Before finalizing the display, Safeka creates a mock display first to check all the details of your display. Details like the color, logo, size, and shape are very important in creating

your display. Safeka doesn’t want to compromise the quality nor want to make any room for mistake. A mock version of your display will be presented to you. All aspect will be inspected. Safeka gets you involved in the creation process. They send out pictures of the display and update customers with the ongoing process. The mock-up sample which is prepared by the R&D and the QC department will be checked based on the order sheet as well. If there are revisions, Safeka makes the proper adjustments according to the client's request or requirements. As soon as the samples are approved then everything is all set for the mass production. The production will only be done as soon as the final design and version have been approved by the customer.

SAFEKA -Cardboard Display-why Safeka In Terms Of Cardboard Display

Safeka’s products customers are in the market for:

Safeka as the leader cardboard display stand supplier or cardboard display stands manufacturer has a lot to offer to its customers. Among its products are on the below:

1.Cardboard Counter Displays

2.Cardboard Cutout Standees

3.Cardboard Dump Bin Displays

4.Cardboard Floor Displays

5.Cardboard Pallet Displays

6.Cardboard Power wing Displays 

7.Customization Service

Why Safeka In Terms Of Cardboard Display?

Why Safeka? Simply to say because it offers excellent quality service when it comes to manufacturing cardboard displays. Safeka has been around for a long time and since then it has made a name for itself in the industry. Safeka has reached customers not just in China

but across the globe already. Safeka's business is not just to create excellent quality cardboard displays but it allows customers to create it with them. It is not just a one-way process.

Safeka's unique approach is that it involves in customer on the process of production. To stay in the business you have to take care of your customer and that is what Safeka does. It is not only after the uniqueness of the products they make but they also take care of their customer. Their goal is to put customers needs first. Safeka is not just a company that provides professional packaging services or manufacture cardboard display but its goal is to ensure that you get what you want. It is to make your concept a reality, make your product or brand speak advertisement based on what you need.

Safeka is a one-stop manufacturer of cardboard display that does not only create quality products but also it offers end to end solution with great care. They make sure that everything is done with excellence from the conception of your idea up to making it a reality and making sure that it reaches the customer. Most of all, they take care of the customers ensuring that your needs come first.

In one nutshell, there is no doubt that when it comes to cardboard display manufacturing, Safeka Packaging & Display Co.,Ltd will be on top of the list.

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