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Why is the metal frame display greatly needed in the European and American market?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-03

In order to keep up with the industry trends, it is very important for companies to analyze the demand for the metal display frame in the European and American markets. For many retail stores especially in Europe and the United States, they usually choose iron display frame with good wear resistance. Why? Here are the reasons.


1. Good wear resistance

The metal has a good hardness compared to other materials. It will not be easily deformed or damaged. Even falling onto the ground, it can still function very well. For retailers, this kind of stand can be used for a long time, which can save a large part of the cost.


2. Easy maintenance

Many retail stores usually occupy a small space, so they are very cautious about the placement of products. The metal display frame has a good load-bearing capacity and is not easy to damage. In addition, the surface of the metal display frame is generally painted with paint. Thus, it is smooth and easy to clean. This allows retailers to save most of their time on routine maintenance of display racks. As for the acrylic display frame, it doesn't have such a bearing capacity as a metal display frame, nor it is easy to collect dust.


3. Practicality

Many people think that a metal display frame is bulky. However, it is not true. The lines of the display frame are soft and bright. The metal also has a good coloring ability, which allows any color to be sprayed on its surface. Besides, in order to better display the product features, the iron line display frame can display the product appropriately, so that customers can understand the product quickly and clearly.


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