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Why does the mascara from foreign brand sell so hot?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-04

There are many kinds of cosmetics, such as mascara and eye shadow now in the market. With different packaging sizes and various shapes, these products should be placed on the tailor-made display frames to fully display their features and show their attractions.


Mascara has the same shape as the lipstick but has a darker color. So, it is hard for people to tell the difference in each color of the mascara if only by visual observation. The best way to solve this problem is to present the color on the display frames. For example, putting the description or directly screening the color mark on the display frames are all suggested. In this way, it can help present the colorful appearance of the displayed products and attract more people.


The design of the mascara display frame is similar to that of the lipstick display frame. Considering the different sizes of the displayed products, the shape and specifications of the products are different. Moreover, there are a variety of materials available for manufacturing display frames. To show the high-end appearance of the mascara, it's highly recommended that fashionable and popular materials be used. For example, acrylic and crystal materials are highly transparent, which can help present a bright and shining effect. In terms of the cost, acrylic is more affordable than the crystal. So, if people have a make reasonable planning about the material cost, then acrylic is a perfect option.


Safeka Display Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of display frames, has been specialized in manufacturing and developing different types of display frames for years. With up-to-date technologies and high-end machines, we can offer customers the quality-guaranteed products. So far, we have served customers from a large variety of industries like cosmetics industry and retail industry.


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