What material is the surface of the tile display frame?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-09

    Our company's tile display frame can be divided into: oil quality steel and MDF materials according to the production materials. When making MDF materials, he will be given a waterproof film. This is mainly due to the material properties of MDF.

    MDF: medium density fiber board ( English name: mediumdensityfiber board, abbreviated as MDF, can also be called medium fiber board).

    Main features: uniform structure, smooth surface, moderate density, good dimensional stability and small deformation. Disadvantages are: poor water absorption needs to pay attention to moisture. The nail holding force is poor, and the nail is easy to loosen.

    Therefore, according to the properties of the medium density board, a waterproof film needs to be pasted on the surface. This material is generally plastic. The flexibility is good, and it has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off. It ensures that the service life of the exhibition frame is longer. From the perspective of external aesthetics, the added value of the display frame has also been added.

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