What are the factors that affect the sales of cosmetics? How to use acrylic cosmetics display stand for promotional activities?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-03

There are many factors that affect the sales of cosmetics. Common external factors are seasonal conversion, store location, etc. Of course, there are also internal factors, such as the quality of the product itself, the decoration of the store, the type of product, and so on. However, for branded cosmetics, these factors are often not the main factor determining the sales of the products. So what other factors do we ignore that affect product sales?

Do you focus on promotional activities?

The fastest way for cosmetics stores to increase sales is to organize promotions.  Activities are the most effective way of marketing. In the context of various festivals, the theme of the promotion can flexibly correspond to the festival. For example:

Mother's Day: You can design the promotion theme to be "Make Mom Younger" to attract young customers to buy cosmetics.

Valentine's Day: Cosmetics can be packaged in gift boxes to attract men to give gifts to their wives or partners. We can also hang advertisements at the door of the store, such as holiday offers or slogans such as "Give beautiful to your love". In this way, we can promote in a romantic atmosphere.

Do you pay attention to the display angle and display mode of cosmetics?

When we hold various promotions, the decoration and product display in the store should also be adjusted accordingly. On the warm Mother's Day, we should try to show some anti-aging, anti-wrinkle or spot-removing skin care products or cosmetics. On romantic Valentine's Day, we can place gorgeous and colorful lipsticks on our unique cosmetic display stand. Eye shadows, foundation make-up and lipsticks should all be placed on different display stands to achieve a rich, clear and orderly display. Women who love beauty can't help but want to buy.

Of course, in order to increase sales, we need to know some of the customer's buying habits, providing them with a comfortable shopping atmosphere.

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