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What is the impact of the design of product display racks on brands?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-05

Creativity lies in the expression and publicity of personality. The more the personality, the more impact it can give. It gives people a surprise and leaves many bright spots so as to play the most effective role in marketing and realize the most effective market communication. The concept of creativity, space imagination, data selection, novel structure, color disposal and methods must be integrated and unified in the design. The design of a complete enterprise decoration or exhibition is to highlight the personality of the product, and the improvement of brand strength should not only be the improvement of brands through the improvement of product quality but also should be the better expanding of the market scope.

The design concept of the product display frame is to enhance the brand awareness of the exhibits. The personality mentioned here is not the corporate or product features and corporate or product culture in the radical sense, but the social value of the enterprise or product or the era connotation of the enterprise and product including new comprehensive concepts, humanistic concepts, temporal and spatial concepts, ecological concepts, etc. These concepts are infiltrated into the design of each cell of the booth. The requirement for the display frame is that its display art has the sense of the times. For example, the modern design of the international cosmetic display rack should reflect the cumulative effect of corporate and product culture and advertising and pay more attention to the personality of enterprises and products. When we publicize our personality design, forward-looking scientific and technological awareness and cultural sense should be injected into the design of enterprise decoration or product. Therefore, the design of a good cosmetic display frame greatly enhances the modern connotation and cultural heritage of the enterprise or product. What is creativity? Creativity can be said to be the main feature of modern enterprise publicity and display.

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