What is the effect of temperature on acrylic jewelry display racks?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-02

The acrylic display rack has an important role in increasing the popularity and sales of many stores, especially jewelry stores. However, many jewelry sales manufacturers often ignore the role of temperature on acrylic display racks. Although they are characterized by perfect heat resistance, it is still necessary for us to know the effects of the temperature on the acrylic jewelry display racks.


The effect of temperature on acrylic jewelry display racks:


1. The temperature affects the extension of acrylic. With the increase of temperature, the breaking elongation of acrylic gradually increases when the brittle fracture occurs, and the breaking elongation of acrylic reaches 5% at the temperature of 60 ℃. When heated over a certain temperature, the acrylic begins to soften and will break during the stretching process. In conclusion, the temperature is related to the fracture elongation and yield elongation of acrylic.


2. The temperature affects the impact strength of acrylic. With the increase of temperature, the movement of the acrylic molecular chain segment is strengthened, and the flexibility and impact strength are improved as well.


3. The temperature affects the tensile strength and tensile elastic modulus of acrylic. With the increase of temperature, the tensile strength and tensile elastic modulus plummet roughly. The reason is that with the increase of temperature, the activity capacity of the polymer material chain segment is enhanced gradually and the transition from glass to high elastic state and viscous flow pattern occur, which is manifested in the reduction of flexibility, strength, and elastic modulus.


4. The temperature affects the hardness of acrylic. The hardness of acrylic decreases with the increase of temperature. In addition, the larger the load value used in the determination of hardness is, the lower the measured hardness value is. Within a certain range, the greater the thickness of the acrylic sheet is, the higher the measured value will be. However, if the thickness increases to a certain extent, the measured hardness value won't be significantly improved.


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