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What is pop cardboard display


POP is a kind of shop promotion tool in commercial sales. It is mainly displayed in the head of the store, such as hanging card, poster, small sticker, paper shelf, display frame,  big sign, physical model, flag and so on. All of which are in the range of POP. Its main commercial purpose is to stimulate consumption and stimulate sales atmosphere.

The commonly used POP is used for short-term promotion. Its forms include outdoor signboards, exhibition boards, window poster, shop cards, price lists, hanging flags, and even stereoscopic cartoon models, which are exaggerated and humorous, and can effectively attract customers' views to arouse desire for purchase. It has been widely used as a low-cost and efficient way of advertising.

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POP cardboard display is in motivating the customer to make a purchase. The advantages of POP Stand advertising is in it's instant effect - the potential customer makes his decision here and now. It promotes the product via advertisement information and thus facilitate the customers' choice. About 65% of purchasing decisions is made exactly at the point of purchase.

Pop cardboard stands, which are produced by Safeka display are of great quality, reliability and durability - since we have solid production facilities to be proud of. We will do our best in making your point of sale to be of great promotional importance!

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