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Theme planning for the shopping mall

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-03

Shopping centers are places where there are many people, lots of floors, and brands from all walks of life. In this place, the decoration of each small area is different. How to effectively grasp the business opportunities in such a complicated business place? What role does the display stand play in this regard?

1. Generally, there are many customers at the entrance of the business hall on the first floor of the mall. The theme of the design of the display stand placed at the entrance should be warm tones, forming a welcoming atmosphere. Of course, decorative elements with cool colors can also be used to ease the tension and confusion of the customer.

2. The dark-colored underground business hall may be depressing. Therefore, the display stand that is decorated in light colors can bring people a pleasant and refreshing feel.

3. A store with modern and stylish decor can inspire women' desire to buy women' s items in the store.

4. In the hot summer, the design of the shopping mall display rack is mainly based on cool colors, such as blue, brown and purple, which gives customers a cool and comfortable feeling.

5. Children are sensitive to such colors as red, pink and orange. In the sale of children's products, the display frame is decorated in light colors and with cartoon character elements added can achieve a better effect of attracting children's customers.

6. Color can also greatly compensate for the defects of the decoration of the business premises. If the ceiling is painted in light blue, the space in the mall will look bigger. The walls at the ends of the mall's business premises are painted in a variety of colors, which can give people a rich visual experience. Changing the color of the shopping center at intervals will make customers feel new.

7. The use of color should be consistent. The display racks of the same store should be designed in standard colors for uniform visual identity effects and unique corporate culture display. Moreover, in the overall decoration of the mall, the different floors of the mall must be decorated in different styles because they are in different locations so that the customer can rely on the color difference to identify the floor and goods type. And different floors decorated in different styles can arouse customer curiosity and reduce their visual fatigue.

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