About the design of the custom display racks

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-06

With the fast change of the society, the display stand has inevitably become a popular product in the market now. In the stores with different themes, the display racks with unique design styles can perfectly show the brand image to the consumers. In the past, the large-scale and fixed display rack design belongs to the range of architectural design. Put it simply, the design of the display racks should be in compliance with the product performance. In other words, each display rack should be customized based on the features, specifications, styles, colors, materials, etc. of the promotional products. In this case, the display rack can better showcase the product, promote brand reputation, and attract customers, and therefore, improving the sales. Generally speaking, the designers can design the display stands according to the following basic elements.


1) Customers' needs

Some customers have special preferences for the materials and the colors used in the display stands. Designers are familiar with digital drawing tools and can utilize professional technology to evaluate the design conceived by customers. Also, they will evaluate if the designed products conform to the standard of production. During the design process, a professional designer will communicate with customers in a timely manner and sometimes he/she will put forward professional suggestions.


2) Product features

The main function of the display stands is highlighting the products instead of grabbing the limelight of them. Based on the products' features, target groups, and the store's styles, the display racks should be designed with the aim of attracting customers.


3) Elegant style

The elegant style first appeared at the beginning of the last century. This style emphasizes the harmony of color matching. By adopting this kind of style, the whole store will look very elegant and quiet.


4) Refreshing style

This is an interior design style with fashionable taste derived from minimalism. Especially with the presentation of many brands, this simple style is presented on a large number of design and various display racks for malls. After years of development, display racks have received increasing popularity among customers from all over the world. Based on different requirements, the designs and functions of the display racks are varied as well. By adopting white light and monochrome, a large area of space in the store can be perfectly displayed. Then, a variety of display stands with various colors can be placed. In this way, it constitutes a simple commercial display space filled with refreshing modern style.


It is required that a professional designer of display racks should have in-depth knowledge about the displayed items and is proficient at utilizing all kinds of drawing tools. Due to the design and attracting features of the display racks, they are widely used in the fields such as entertainment and education.


Safeka Display Co., Ltd. has many years' experience in offering custom service for customers. With strong R&D capability, we, as a sought-after expert in the field of custom display stands, can customize the design, specifications, and style of the display stands. If you are in need of something unique to promote the products or enhance brand image, Safeka is a perfect option.

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