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The status of paper display industry in China


Cardboard display shelf- a useful weapon for point of purchase promotion. The first one who try to use the Cardboard shelves is the developed country in Europe and America in the early days. The printed Cardboard shelves are widely used in food, daily chemical, household appliances, electronics, clothing and other industries. Many European and American packaging companies also found out that Making POP Cardboard Displays can enhance the technological level of enterprises and the sales ability of enterprises. Corrugated Display stand also considered to be a very high value-added product, and there are many users and manufacturers. We can see it every where in the supermarket.

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However, the use of Cardboard shelves it is still at the initial stage in China. The mainland was first made of Cardboard shelves around 2000, when only 3 Cardboard factories in the more developed Guangdong area were designed for Cardboard stands. In recent years, it has developed rapidly, mainly in Beijing / Shanghai / Guangdong, and the scope of application is wider and wider.

Now some brand have made Cardboard floor display unit as regular sales promotion products whether it is new product launch or holiday promotion, and they has achieved good results, Custom Cardboard displays is very helpful in enhance the brand image of the market, create a holiday atmosphere, improve sales.

It has the advantages of environmental friendly, convenient transportation, rapid assembly and so on. It is placed in the selling place and can play the role of displaying goods, conveying information and promoting sales.

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