The promotion effect of display racks on brand premium

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-06

The display rack can display the features of the product in all directions. A custom display rack can be designed matching the style and features of the displayed products. Also, to satisfy customers' needs, the display rack can be equipped with all kinds of accessories and designed with a variety of colors for customers to choose from. Creative logo and signs can be printed on the display rack to show the uniqueness, thus, making the displayed products stand out among other competitors by the public and increasing the sales of the advertising products.


The increasing popularity of the display rack attributes to its advantages as follows. It has a beautiful appearance and firm structure. Moreover, it is easy to assembly and can be dismantled very quickly. With a compact and flexible structure, it is very convenient to transport. It can be designed with various kinds of styles including beautiful, noble, and elegant style, playing a role of decorating the store as well.


Display racks are also known as product display stands, promotional stands, portable display stands, and data racks, etc. According to the features of the displayed products, the display racks can be customized to fit into the style of the products, thus increasing the sales and improving the exposure rate of the products. As for the application scope of the display racks, they can be widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, cigarettes, wines, glasses, crystal ornaments, hotel supplies, automotive supplies, car models in 4S stores, plastic products, cosmetics stores, display halls, sample halls of foreign trade companies, and corporate fairs, etc. It can also be designed in multiple styles to highlight the products.


POP advertising is one of the two pillars of advertising media, which has a direct impact on product sales. When designing the display racks, attention, interest, desire, and other psychological activities of the consumers should all be paid great attention to by the designers. In addition to decorating the design elements such as color, text, and patterns, the POP also has the functions of displaying goods, conveying information, and promoting goods. Moreover, it is necessary to have personalized modeling and structural design.


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