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The most professional supplier to custom cardboard counter displays for your product in Stores!

The most professional supplier to custom cardboard counter displays for your product in Stores!


Safeka Packaging & Displays Co.,Ltd. has many years of experience with creating awesome looking custom cardboard counter displays that will grab your customer’s attention. At SAFEKA DISPLAY, we offer a full range of solutions to all of your cardboard product display needs!

We have created Displays with 1 color graphics up to 4 colors and even 6 colors. Everything we make is custom to ensure your products great look and a proper fit to showcase at it’s best.

SAFEKA -The Most Professional Supplier To Custom Cardboard Counter Displays For

Our POP cardboard custom counter displays are a simple and inexpensive way to merchandize nearly any product. We can print corrugated or chipboard counter displays with up to six colors, using CCNB or SBS paper in thicknesses from 10 to 24pt. As needed, we can provide custom AQ, UV, or satin coatings, silver- or gold-foil stamping, and embossing.

A custom cardboard counter display is an ideal way to merchandize your products, as it puts your goods at the perfect height to catch consumers’ eyes. To ensure that your product attracts the most customers it can, you need attention-grabbing custom packaging. To ensure that your custom packaging turns out just right—quickly and cost-effectively, the first time and every time—look no further than SAFEKA DISPLAY. We deliver high quality, low-cost custom cardboard counter displays that match our customers’ exact specifications.

If you own a retail store or a brand, you can understand how important POP display stands are for presenting your products and services. Your custom cardboard counter displays should be attractive enough to capture the interest of your customers and also be designed in a way that gives you maximum retail space. 

A Custom Cardboard Counter Display is one of the most effective ways to get your product noticed in a retail store. Exhibiting and showing off their products most effectively and in the most mesmerizing fashion is one of the top concerns of supermarkets and retail store owners. Beautifully custom cardboard counter displays serve this purpose most efficiently. These counter displays are cost effective and very handy for promotional services as well. They are available in all shapes and sizes with numerous die cutting and printing options.


  1. Temporary corrugated cardboard counter displays are an ideal way to roll out your product in a cost-effective way. 

  2. Custom cardboard counter displays are lightweight for POS (point of sale) opportunities in most retail locations. 

  3. Counter display racks can be designed to hold any product you want to launch into any grocery, pharmacy, or convenience store environment. 

  4. We have multiple substrates from which to choose to ensure we are creating a marketing vehicle that will be structurally sound and cost effective. Let us help you design the perfect in-store cardboard counter displays for your products.

A Custom Cardboard Counter Display is one of the most effective ways to get your product noticed in a retail store. Many customers require a Display to fit on a shelf. With tight or very little room, we can design and create and build some of the best Cardboard Counter Displays made from Corrugated Board, Paperboard, and Chipboard. All our displays are designed and made here in the our workshop.

We can provide both temporary and permanent counter displays. Depending on how long you need them to last, where they’ll be used, the size and weight of your products, and other factors, we will help you select the best material and the most efficient production processes for your displays. If you’re still working to finalize your packaging designs, or need help updating your product’s current look, SAFEKA Packaging & Display has in-house graphic design and structural design teams available to assist you in perfecting the look and configuration on your counter displays. We will work with you to optimize your design for reduced costs and/or faster turnarounds.

Additional custom design options are also available. Contact us now!

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