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What is the role of the mold in the production of acrylic display stands?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-03

The mold has become an indispensable part of manufacturing the acrylic display stands. Actually, the different parts of the display stands are cut from the acrylic plate by cutting technology and then glued to the composite display stands. After a certain period of time, the display stand may not be firmly attached because the acrylic, as a kind of plastic product, will be naturally affected by the ambient temperature. However, if the mold is used, then those problems mentioned above won't occur.


The acrylic used to manufacture the display stands are not cheap, which requires manufacturers to purchase expensive machines to handle the manufacturing process carefully, to make sure every process goes smooth and efficient. In addition, the use of new technologies also raises the cost of the acrylic display stand. Therefore, the cost of the acrylic display stand is also high.


With the increasingly fierce competition in the acrylic stands market, the most creative and eye-catching design has become the focus of the brands. Some acrylic display stands are made of the crystal by the laser carving craft while others stand out in colorful, vibrant, and even bizarre designs.

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