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Strength of stone finished products wholesale store

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-07

    Share several factors that judge the comprehensive strength of the finished product exhibition Rack store.


    1. the size of the physical store or exhibition hall, such as how many square meters are there. The location is not the place where the rent is very expensive.

    2. there is no business license, business license, registered capital, etc. The larger the registered capital, of course, proves that the company's hard strength is more reliable and trustworthy.

    3. is it a first-hand source. It would be better if we had our own factory. Some formulas come from other factory agents. So there is not much advantage over the price. Of course, he can't give you the lowest price.

    4. how is the sales channel above the network. Strong companies are not just strong in local sales. Competition in the face of the Internet is also absolutely not to be outdone.

    5. how many employees are the company. Many employees prove that the development scale of the enterprise is large. Strong risk resistance.

    6. sales performance of specialty stores. This reflects the sales ability. Can be judged from the side.

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