Several key points of stainless steel simple exhibition frame making

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-09


    It is necessary to pay attention to a common point to make stainless steel display stand. The author found that this is a lot of display rack manufacturers will deliberately and inadvertently committed.

      1. the simple Station time is small, so pay attention not to leave the welding port too large when welding. Too big and not beautiful to buy a good price
    2. stainless steel products choose alloy materials with low density, small volume and large load bearing capacity. It also enhances practicality and aesthetics while prolonging life span.
    3. choose quality assurance alloy: Although the alloy is divided into many kinds, I don't ask everyone to use the best, but try to use the best
    4. in particular, it is best to use high-quality paint that can make stainless steel fusion. it will never take long for the paint to be used.
    5. do things with your heart. Not impetuous. The display frame must be beautiful.

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