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Recycle Paper rose again. --Supply pattern of packaging paper might change.


Recycle Paper rose again---Supply pattern of packaging paper might change.

In recent days, due to the volume reduction of the imported recycle paper, the domestic recycle paper price gone up again after a short reduction, and many paper enterprises have announced that they have raised the price of waste paper from June 21st.

With the arrival of the peak season, some enterprises which  have "downtime" not long before will resume production, the demand for recycle paper will increase, and the price of local recycle paper will continue to rise.

SAFEKA -Read Recycle Paper Rose Again -supply Pattern Of Packaging

"The paper industry has encountered unprecedented special times, mainly because of the reduction of imported recycle paper affecting the stability of the raw material supply pattern, secondly, the top design of ecological construction has increased the pressure of environmental protection." A person from a trade association who does not want to be named said that supply pattern of raw materials for packaging paper might change. It is reported that many large paper enterprises have begun to consider building recycle pulp production lines overseas.

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