The production process of acrylic mobile phone display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-02

The mobile phone display stand is mainly used for mobile phones, MP3/4, razors, e-books and so on. Currently, the popular mobile phone display stand at the exhibition or in the shopping mall is not the previous glass, metal mixed material or wood material type, but the acrylic mobile phone display stand made of transparent plexiglass, also known as a product display stand, promotional stand, portable display and data stand.

The main material of the acrylic display stand is acrylic. It has the advantages of light weight, low price and easy molding. The molding methods include casting, injection molding, machining, thermoforming, and so on. In particular, injection molding can be applied to mass production and has the characteristics of simple process and low cost. Therefore, its application is more and more extensive. It is widely used in household goods, shopping malls, instrument parts, car lights, optical lenses and so on.

We can achieve beautiful display effects by precisely producing the display stand according to the requirements of the guests. The production process of the acrylic display stand is as follows:

Specifications: We are a professional manufacturer that provides specification customized service for samples.

Style: Style can be designed according to customer requirements. If something goes wrong during the production process, we can solve it with the customers.

LOGO: We can print the customers' LOGO, MARK, etc. on the display products.

Packing box: We provide a PC/PP bag (the bubble bag, silk cloth, pearl cotton, plastic wrap, coated paper, etc.) inside the box for packaging, and then put the wrapped product into the outer box. We can customize the style of the box based on the shape of the specific product.

Production: The sample can be customized according to customer requirements. After the sample is confirmed, mass production will begin. The production time is 10-12 days.

Product marketing is not necessarily costly, time-consuming or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and an excellent point of purchase display. The mission of Safeka Display Co., Ltd. is to provide our customers with high-quality display products and services and to maximize the benefits for our customers.

Safeka Display Co., Ltd. takes an attitude of accepting change and technological innovation. We truly implement innovation in all of our production stages and put it into practice. Moreover, we put a lot of investment in technology development to achieve a high-end display.


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