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Problems in the production of display cabinets

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-06

Since the time for entering the tile shop in Sichuan is determined, the time for the manufacturing of display cabinets is more urgent. It is necessary to complete the production and packaging of the display cabinet in a short time to ensure that the order can be completed on time and products can enter the market within the specified time. The following problems need to be solved:

Staff arrangement of the cabinet factory: Because of the short time and heavy tasks, our cabinet factory invited two woodworking masters to cooperate with us. Our showcase factory has made a series of arrangements for the display cabinets Sichuan tile shops need.

1. Determine the number and size of display cabinets required for the store.

2. Problems that cabinet factories often encounter in the production of display cabinets. ( For example, there may be nail loss, material loss, specifications and dimensions that do not meet the requirements of the drawings. ) If problems are found, correct them in time and do not make the same mistakes in the next display cabinet production.

3. Pay attention to what special requirements are marked on the drawings. Be cautious in the production process of display cabinets.

4. In the production process, there may be something that can be mistaken and some useful accessories may be thrown in the corner, so we should strictly supervise and manage the production to prevent some unnecessary waste.

5. Some workers may be still not very skilled in their work, so some strict training and guidance may be required.

As new woodworking masters are not very clear about the brand, process flow and display cabinet structure of our display cabinet factory, there should be some communication and guidance in the production process of the display cabinet.

Next, our display cabinet manufacturer process will be improved with the guidance of some experts in the aspect of the work plan, cabinet production process, management process, and elimination of some potential safety hazards.

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