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How do we design a personalized mobile display stand to capture the attention of our customers?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-04

When designing a mobile phone display stand, we should fully consider the characteristics of the mobile phone. The mobile phone itself is a lightweight product, so this feature of the mobile phone must be carefully considered when designing the mobile phone display stand. How does a small display stand play its biggest role? We must fully grasp the selling points of mobile phones to customize various types of display stands and design personalized display stands to capture the attention of customers.

The mobile phone display stand should be beautifully shaped. Basically, a general mobile phone display stand can fully display mobile phone products. However, this display stand only serves to be used for phone placement. For some large mobile phone stores, if all brands of mobile phones are only placed on a display stand without any iconic information, then it is easy for customers to ignore the existence of the mobile phone display stand. So how do we improve the design of the mobile phone display stand? In addition to the basic design of the mobile display stand, we can also add some other attractive design elements.

The base of the display stand is actually a curved surface made of acrylic, which can be designed with an advertising label or a product information label.

In addition, the display stand can also be designed with the price tag of the product. The price tag is designed to help customers know the price of the product. At the same time, the sales staff can also easily help customers get to know the product and tell the customer the price/performance ratio and the advantage of the product as quickly as possible. In this way, a transaction is quickly reached.

The placement and storage of the phone is only the most basic function of our display frame. The main advantage of our mobile display stand is the ability to quickly display the advantages and price of the product in order to attract customers' attention.

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