Personalised Cardboard Cutout Floor Displays


Personalised Cardboard Cutouts, or in some cases called free standing floor standee cutouts, are floor displays made from rigid substrates that are contour cut to any desired shape, and have a backing or a support system to allow the stands to freely stand.

A personalised cardboard cutouts is used for a variety of reasons, but most commonly it is used to promote a specific product or brand, provide important information for an event or company, or help draw extra attention of potential customers. More often than not, this cardboard floor displays are lightweight which makes them easy to setup, takedown, and move wherever needed. Cardboard cutouts are always a good compliment to help increase the exposure and attention of your marketing efforts as they are both low cost and high-impact when compared to other ancillary marketing efforts.

SAFEKA -Personalised Cardboard Cutout Floor Displays, Safeka Display Co,ltd

A Personalised Cardboard Cutout is entirely customizable. We can cut your cardboard floor display into any shape and size based on the artwork provided, this includes just keeping them rectangular. There are a few options available to give your personalised cardboard cutout its ability to free stand.

Depending on the size of the display, we have various sizes of easel backs that can be applied to the back of the display, or we can create a simple base structure for the display that allows it to slide into the base and remain standing. There are two main base structures that we provide. The first is a lighter, eco-friendly base that is made of corrugated fiberboard, and the other is a heavier base made of metal. Both options function exactly the same, it often depends on location of where the display will stand and the duration for which the display will be used.

Cardboard cutouts custom made from your photo are perfect for every occasion. Cardboard Cutout floor display makes it quick and easy to order your own cardboard cutout. We take your photo and create a life size Personalised cardboard cutout utilizing the latest digital printing and cutting technology. Custom cutouts from your photo are perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, corporate promotions, and advertising.

Have a friend or family member that cannot attend an upcoming event? Make a photo cutout of her and it will be like she is right there! The realism of the lifesize standee is almost unbelievable. team of professionals will create a personalized cardboard cutout and have it shipped to you soon. We guarantee every custom standee we ship. If you are not happy with your personalized cardboard cutout we will send your money back. 

"Custom lifesize Personalised cardboard cutouts are printed on industry standard 3mm fluted cardboard. However we use a higher grade white (not brown) cardboard which has a coated finish for higher quality printing. Every custom cutout comes complete with a strut on the back to make them self standing.

We offer two distinct choices. A full-size cutout which reflects the celebrities’ real world height and folds down for mobility. Whereas the miniature stand-ups are all around two feet tall and are notably glorious for events and locations that are restrictive of free space.Both sizes are digitally printed in superb high definition directly on the cardboard. Then machine cutout to make them look real no matter the size.

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Our cardboard cutouts of any kinds of images are printed within our workshop, using nothing but the most effective materials and machinery. Free standing display personalised cardboard cutouts are a very customizable solution and there are many different solutions to achieving a good display. These two substrates offer smooth and excellent printing surfaces to showcase vibrant colors and both are lightweight, which allows them to be moved around with ease.

In terms of sizing ,Personalised Cardboard Cutout Floor Displays can be as small or as big as you want. There are a few restrictions. If you want a life-size display, your floor display will have to fit within the sizing constraints of our biggest available sheet size of the substrate of your choice. Also, for the bigger displays your display may need to be produced where it is cut through the middle to allow it fold in half or on an alternate material, like foamcore, to allow for easier shipping. We also produce displays that are on the smaller side that are more appropriate for table tops or sales counters.

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