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Facts about the painting procedures in the display rack factory

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-06

Here is the brief introduction to the painting procedures of the display racks, so that more people can get a deeper understanding of them.


In order to make the finishing effect better and more vivid, a sample made of the same materials as the display stands will go through some necessary tests before the finished display rack is made. In addition, it should be emphasized that when the surface is painted, it is necessary to use shellac paint as much as possible to paint the base.


When applying the topcoat, it is necessary to pay attention to the brush coating properties of Ester glue varnish, phenol formaldehyde varnish, alcohol varnish, and one-component polyurethane varnish. Moreover, there are great differences between the surfaces on top and at the bottom, therefore, attention should be paid to the production and construction of the display racks.


If the display rack is painted with natural color or light color, then it is recommended that it can be used as a primer instead of the shellac paint with a relatively thin nitro varnish. Next, the most important painting procedures will be introduced in detail.


The first step is to apply a layer of water powder. The second is to grind the surface and edges of the racks with sand grinding technology. The third is to color the display racks. If the shellac varnish is painted, there will be some color difference between the workpiece paint film and the sample. It should be noticed that the required dye is dissolved in the shellac varnish to make the product not easy to fade. In the process of painting the color on the surface of the products, it is necessary to constantly compare the color of the finished products and the standard model, which makes it more convenient to adjust the color formula accordingly. The fourth step is to observe the whole workpiece and focus on the color difference between the strip material and the interface of the plate. After finishing the observation, transfer the required color of the shellac varnish, and apply it to the parts that need coloring. The fifth step is sand grinding. Use the sandpaper to grind the coating film gently. After grinding, feel and touch it with hands. If it gives people a good hand feeling, then the procedure of wiping the workpiece with a semi-wet cloth to remove all the dust is ready to go. The sixth step involves a little complex measure. In the process of painting, the paint should be applied on the surface of the products very evenly, and no residues should be left on every corner of the display racks. When wiping the color paste, the first should be done is to adjust the water powder to calcium carbonate at a ratio of 1:1, and then use iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, red, and other pigments to adjust the required color. After finishing the adjustment, try painting the display rack. The last step is to wipe out the excess water powder and paint with shellac varnish. After finishing this process, focus on the color effect once the product gets dried. If comparing the sample with the finished product, it looks slightly lighter in its color because the color of the Varnish is darker. In this case, manufacturers can adjust the color very easily. However, if the color is darker, it will be difficult to adjust the color.


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