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Marketing skills for merchandise display in stores

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-04

Product display in the store is a visual marketing technique. It takes advantage of the different display spaces and uses a variety of display props, artwork and accessories to achieve high-quality display. Based on the product style, we will add elements of culture, art, taste, fashion and personality. With a variety of display techniques, the store display rack can well cater to the theme of the sales event and fully display the functions, features, styles, etc. of the product.

The purpose of the store display is to let franchisees, customers, etc. know the attributes, functions, features, and quality of the goods. And the store display can greatly attract customers' attention, let them know the style and quality grade at a glance and impress them so that they will have the desire to appreciate the goods and buy the goods. Maximizing the display of goods can stimulate the sale of goods, expand brand influence and achieve the purpose of spreading brand culture. When using a display stand, it should be noted that the display stands can greatly help make people have a desire to buy and achieve all the above effects.

Jewelry displays have the basic functions of display. It also makes jewelry easy to choose and has the advantage of increasing freshness, increasing value, attracting attention and so on. In addition, from a holistic perspective, jewelry displays have more important functional elements, including themes, focus, balance, scale, composition, color, spatial planning, consensus practice, repetitive effects, capacity planning and serialization and ergonomic principles, etc. Adopting these principles will help you arrange serialized products from a holistic perspective, match different types of products and offer the most prominent position for the arrangement of featured products. The overall display design is aimed at achieving an exquisite and rich display. The ultimate goal is only one, that is, sales can be achieved as soon as possible.

The display effect of the entire store should allow customers to feel the brand culture of the brand, namely the style of the brand, product positioning and market positioning. The theme should be based on different festivals and promotions. When encountering a special holiday, the customer should be able to quickly and clearly know the main promotions and promotional product categories in the festival from the overall store display. In different promotions, customers should have a clear understanding of the specific content of this promotion through the display.

The display of jewelry stores needs to be constantly changing, which is a requirement for standardized management of jewelry stores. The store's store manager is often responsible for the day-to-day management display of the store. So how do you control the display? First, develop new products on a regular basis and put them on the cabinet. Also, replace the new light box pictures in time. Second, redesign the general merchandise display model every month. You can periodically redesign the display mode according to the style of the product, adjust the placement of the goods, exchange the goods in stock and the goods on the shelves in order to increase the display freshness.

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