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Key Trend And Impact Of Custom Cardboard Display Stands

Key Trend And Impact Of Custom Cardboard Display Stands


Key trend and impact of custom cardboard display stands  


The global corrugated cardboard packaging and cardboard display items are growing rapidly. The increasing demand for corrugated packaging material including the special cardboard displays is expected to reach $176 billion by 2019, with an average annual growth of more than 3.7% over next five years. The major factors to drive the corrugated packaging is both environmental sustainability and cost benefit, which make more retailers and manufacturers prefer to seek a cost-effective sustainable packaging and cardboard display solution.

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1.Environmental factor drives the corrugated cardboard display markets boost quickly.

Under massive environmental and sustainability investments and initiatives, the environmental protection has been strengthened by the government. So the factory requirement of the manufacturers and brand owners is very strict year by year. The basic cost for in-house environment is increased, which delivers a positive drives to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Most of marketing teams from different industries take an action on the corrugated packaging and cardboard displays to reduce water consumption and improve logistics and transportation.

2.Lightweight packaging boxes and lightweight cardboard displays become an increasing reference.

The producers begin to reduce packaging weight under improving yields. Then overall packaging weight and transport cost is reduced a lot. The additional benefit makes the market focus on the lightweight packaging and displays style. And the producers begin to consider to replace the wooden packaging , wooden displays and metal displays. Double-wall board and the lighter weight single wall become an substituted material to replace wooden packs and other heavy weight packs. On the other hand, the cardboard corrugated packaging and cardboard displays improve the logistics and handling and create a more printable outer surface.

3.Store environment and shopping experience are required.

With the increasing growth of the internet shopping and on-line retail packing, the consumption of corrugated packaging is greatly boosted. And the market reflects to a high demand for the shopping experience and store environment. And cardboard display stand, shelf ready packaging and retail ready packaging are greatly used in all of stores and supermarkets. This offers an opportunity for brand owners to introduce different packaging styles, because the packaging requirement of the internet sales and store displays are different. The free standing cardboard display stands with featuring high quality graphics is a highlight for sales promotion in a store to improve the shopping experience.

4.Color printing is reproduction of products in sales

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The retail ready packaging (RRP), shelf ready packaging (SRP), point of sale displays and merchandising units are not just a simple brown shipping or display container. These items work to provide shelf appeal and more brand exposure, that is what the brand owners seek. 

Therefore, the cardboard displays is a nice introduction of new product lines in the corrugated packaging market. And Shenzhen Safeka display & packaging ltd can bring the ideas from brand owners into life. These kinds of cardboard display stands provide enhanced graphics characteristic and offer a chance to do reproduction of vivid images applied to SRP, RRP and point of sale display in particular. 

Cardboard display stands are not just a simply traditional corrugated packaging, it belongs to point of purchase display or advertising s as well. At the beginning of the supermarket display stands, the metal, wooden, plastic and material is greatly used to make P.O.P. display. With the development of sales urbanization, product shopping environment and environmental sustainability, all the enterprises, brands, retailers, manufacturers have an increased demand of cardboard display stands and cardboard box displays.

Now more and more supermarkets from USA, Australia,UK, Australia and China are increasing preference for the flexible and disposable cardboard display stand. The custom cardboard display stand is a trend.

A Cardboard display stands works as a promotion stand to improve the consumers’ shopping experience, which brings a sale booth of products and a strong impact for brand awareness. Every brand owner wants their product to present to be unique and eye-catching. And so many product from same brand and many products from different brands are flowed into the markets and limited supermarket and store areas with product crowded of per shelf. Hence, when a brand owner or retailer purchases a pallet promotion place (for example 48” x 40”) for 3 months to promote his product, simple product stacking on a pallet is not a good choice. A cardboard free standing display unit (FSDU) with custom printing graphics is perfect to keep more footprints to check and increase an impulse purchase for reaching a double or triple sales.

Hence, your product needs a professional cardboard display suppliers. SAFEKA DISPLAY LID provides cost-effective custom cardboard displays service for design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, logistics and merchandising solutions to simplify sales processes, create brand awareness and drive sales since 2007. SAFEKA are located in Shenzhen, China, one of top leading cardboard displays supplier. SAFEKA offer service to an extensive nationwide clients from a variety of industries ranging from food, drinks, cosmetics, toys, electronics, sporting goods, pharmacy products,etc. Main products of Safeka is cardboard floor display stands, cardboard cutouts, custom display boxes, Quarter pallet displays, cardboard dump bin displays, power wing display, etc. 


Over 80% of shopper decisions are made in store. The function and impact of cardboard displays can be ignored to help your brand to get more share of the total market.

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