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Installation specifications and use principles of stone exhibition stands

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-07
The installation of the stone exhibition frame has many details to be mastered. if the installation effect cannot be guaranteed, it will greatly affect the use effect of the exhibition frame. The following is a brief introduction to the installation of the display frame and the principle of use.

I. installation specification of stone display frame

1. install

According to the drawings, the drawings should be designed in advance, and the staff should install them after designing the drawings, in the event of any discrepancy during the installation process, it should be submitted in time and can only be constructed after approval of the change.

2. the testing equipment must conform to the relevant national standards

all kinds of measuring and testing instruments, instruments, instruments and equipment used in the installation should conform to the current state provisions of Measurement Regulations, the accuracy level is not lower than the accuracy level required for installation, so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.

3. quality inspection

is required after installation. many people do not do any processing after the installation of the exhibition frame is completed, this is very incorrect. After the installation of the exhibition frame is completed, quality inspection should be carried out to ensure that the exhibition frame can really play a role.

2. principle of use of stone display frame

1. the placement of high, light and low weight

items is very important. put the light items on the height of the exhibition frame, put the heavy goods at the lower end of the exhibition stand. This is to enhance the overall use safety of the display frame.

2. it is also the basic common sense to take lightly

. taking lightly can ensure that the goods are not damaged, it can also effectively ensure the safety and stability of the exhibition frame.

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