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How to show the tile store

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-08

    My uncle used to be a stone craftsman in our hometown. It is to help people build houses and paint and hang white. in the past two years, every household has spare money, and the demand for decoration is increasing. So my uncle began to slowly help others tile. My uncle did too much labor when he was young. Fell all over the body injury. Getting older at a little age, physical injuries will not be able to carry, so my uncle considered not to be a Mason slowly. Because the first two years to help do not post tiles, also know the approximate market of tiles. If you do well or have a higher income than a stone craftsman, the most important thing is that it is not so hard to buy ceramic tiles. It is also planned to buy some shelves for displaying tiles in the near future. Let me give you some advice.

    First of all, the porcelain brick display frame has many functions, with walls attached, upright and suspended. If there are large and small size according to the size of the size. So we need to be clear about our needs. Uncle because in the town, the main target customer for sales is to radiate the whole town's countryside. So there is no need to say too much money on the decoration, just buy a better display rack. According to the couple's classification, his short-term temporary business is to help others paste tiles on the interior and exterior walls of the room. There are not many kinds, about 20 varieties. So my suggestion is to buy some small display stands at the door to attract people who have passed the road. Let the whole town know that you have ceramic tiles for sale. The effect of word of mouth is very large.

    The store of the uncle is not very large, about 50 square meters, so I don't recommend the uncle to buy a particularly large display stand. Medium size is OK. Buy 4-5 in the room for customers to come in and choose. Space is satisfied but also appears to be well-organized.

    In addition, I also suggest that my uncle use the network to write tile display software, which can help you simulate your products and put them in a decorated house. The customer is convenient to see the effect, and the efficiency is still very high. The specific software itself Baidu Oh.

    Through the combination of online and offline. The uncle is also good in our town. I believe that my uncle will definitely do his second career. I also hope that friends who have a second career like my uncle will find the goal of sailing in their own career.

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