How do we measure the industrial standards of the display cabinet?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-03

1.The industry standard of the display cabinet

The industry standard for display cases can also be referred to as functional standards. We must work hard to achieve uniformity of appearance and function. For example, the design of a metallurgical display cabinet and the design of a daily chemical display cabinet cannot be the same.

2. The cultural standard of the display cabinet

The display stand should naturally reflect the culture of the region and country. For example, the design of a cosmetic display case should highlight its unique style and taste.

3. The environmental standards of the display cabinet

Any good design form will not cause environmental pollution. There are two meanings reflected. First, the existence of anything should be in accordance with the specific environment. The design of the display cabinet should take environmental factors into account. Second, a good display cabinet' s design should be a unified design that achieves the unity of content and form, the unity of the whole and part, the unity of science and art and the unity of inheritance and innovation.

4. The integrity standard of the display cabinet

The display cabinet needs to achieve the unification of the main specifications, such as the unity of form, color, craft and style. Good design should express a very clear artistic style as a whole, and we have higher requirements for cosmetic display cabinets in this respect.

5. The innovation standard of display cabinet

Any great art design needs innovation, and the innovation of the display cabinet design is mainly reflected in the novelty of creativity and the originality of the artistic image. Good design can also give people a stimulating effect, leaving a deep impression and not being forgotten. It enables the most efficient image dissemination and the most effective marketing. This kind of innovation involves formal positioning, spatial imagination, data selection, special structural design, color processing, and novel ideas formulation.

6. The time standard of the display cabinet

The design of the display cabinet should reflect the following views: comprehensive concept, humanistic concept, time and space concept, ecological concept, system concept, information concept, high-tech concept, etc. Specifically, the design of the display cabinet should achieve a conceptual standard that is consistent with the transparency, variability and innovation of the era.

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