How to effectively display cosmetics in the sales of cosmetics to attract customers

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-04

The first point is to clarify the theme of the cosmetics displayed. The theme is the basic information and impressions conveyed to customers in a cosmetic display to attract the attention of the customer.

The second point should be to reflect the most important characteristics of cosmetics. The main purpose of maximizing the most important features of cosmetics during a display is to highlight the selling point of cosmetics. Customers often use this method to achieve the promotion of cosmetic displays, especially new cosmetics. Through reasonable placement and appropriate lighting, cosmetics can achieve a good display of their most important features.

The third point is that the design should not be too complicated and should be simple. If there are a lot of makeup products display racks, then the display racks can't be placed at will. Otherwise, people can easily feel confused. Usually the information the customer receives in an instant determines whether your product will appeal to him. Therefore, representative cosmetics should be chosen with special decorative styles adopted to achieve the most attractive display. And the display of cosmetic products should be based on simple, clear or short advertising slogans and pictures.

The fourth point is to consider the number of customers.

In the mall, the size of the cosmetic display rack can be customized according to the width of the aisle in front of the cosmetic display rack. Therefore, the size of the acrylic cosmetic display stand must be accurately positioned prior to acrylic processing. Only the right cosmetic display stand will not be affected by the number of customers.

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