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How do we choose the right manufacturer of the acrylic display stand?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-03

Along with the improvement of the acrylic production process, various acrylic products such as acrylic display stands and acrylic display props are widely used in the market. From a technical perspective, the level of processing technology determines the quality of the acrylic display stand. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right manufacturer, so how do we choose a professional display frame manufacturer? Here are some suggestions for you.

First, according to the acrylic display stand you need, you should collect the information of the display stand through the network and find the relevant manufacturer and conduct a preliminary investigation on it.  The inspection content mainly includes production process, product quality, price and delivery time. Special attention should be paid to the confirmation of acrylic display frame parameters, such as thickness, process and precision requirements. We should avoid blindly pursuing low prices. The quality of low-priced products is often difficult to meet the general requirements. While guaranteeing quality and delivery, we should choose a reasonably priced product.

Second, the strength of the manufacturer can be verified by an on-site visit to the manufacturer or by samples providing. Since many acrylic displays are usually ordered in batches and allow a large bargaining space, we can discuss price and other related issues with acrylic display manufacturers and can require display manufacturers to provide samples for confirmation prior to volume manufacturing. By doing so, you are able to verify the strength of the manufacturer and able to reduce the occurrence of product quality problems in mass production, which can be said to be beneficial to both parties.

Third, after the on-site inspection is completed or the sample is confirmed, a cooperation agreement is signed to clarify details such as quality, price, payment and delivery date, and a cooperative relationship is established. Since the acrylic display stand market is relatively mature and the price is relatively consistent, it is recommended to cooperate with more close manufacturers as much as possible, which can greatly reduce logistics costs and help maintain long-term cooperation between the two parties. When looking for a manufacturer of acrylic display stands, you should investigate it in a variety of ways. I hope the above three points can help you.

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