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How a successful exhibition is held?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-05

The foreign trade business of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other coastal developed cities has developed, and e-commerce enterprises, large and small, have also sprung up. In addition to communicating with foreign customers through online media, foreign trade elites will also participate in large and small domestic and international exhibitions to look for and cooperate with some potential customers participating in the exhibition.

An exhibition will gather customers from various industries, and there are various forms of display. For the participating companies, there are still some common experiences that can be used for reference. The latest foreign exhibition information network will release an unofficial exhibition business manual that is very practical. If you happen to be engaged in foreign trade, you might as well look at the latest business trends of the exhibition.

The exhibition staff is to show the important soft power of the company, representing the image and brand of your company, and there are many aspects to be considered in order to do a good job in the training of employees.

The first point is to listen more. 80% of employees should listen more and ask more, and the remaining 20% should say less. The communication with the participants should be focused on more listening, and appropriate questions should be proposed to guide the other party to express their needs. Try to avoid nonsense and your self-opinion and remarks since an exhibition attendant will not stay in a booth for too long.

Clear booth information

We should sure that each exhibitor clarifies where our booth is located through some media information display. The exhibition guide can also be sent to the convention center destination in advance If conditions permit to check to avoid wasting time and looking for the location of the booth.

Competitor analysis

It is particularly necessary to make the training content be analyzed by competitors especially when we participate in industry exhibitions. In addition to handling the consultation of exhibition participants, you can observe the product design, booth display, employee performance and so on of competitors and learn from their advantages to improve the effectiveness of our display.

Customer service awareness

A good customer service is sometimes more attractive to potential customers than the salesperson himself, good and thoughtful service not only shows the positive image of the company but also makes customers feel that they are of great importance and deserve the attention and professional explanation and introduction. Thus, they are more willing to leave contact information to you at the exhibition, which is very conducive to customer retention and communication on the Internet in the later period.

Employee care

Finally, reward and care should be given to the foreign trade elites through various forms considering the conditions of their own company, which is the affirmation and encouragement of employees and an effective way to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees. It should be particularly mentioned that whether it is in domestic or foreign exhibitions, employees have to suffer from the fatigue of the long journey. Therefore, timely and appropriate care from the company will make employees feel warm. Sometimes there may be some unexpected accidents happening in the exhibition, which leads to insufficient manpower, so personnel should be dispatched in time for assistance.

Therefore, effective display not only requires more objective description for the display information but also skills improvement as well as training for sales personnel in the aspect of emotional communication. If you follow the above points, you will get twice the good result with half of the effort when doing a display work.

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