How do you put your tiles?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-07

      Do the sale of ceramic tiles know that the high-end, beautiful degree of tiles depends on a large part of the very good look you put. So now there are so many manufacturers of ceramic tile display can survive. Because there is demand. So how do we place our tiles to make our customers feel better about the quality and beauty of our tiles?

      Many people say that it is good for me to learn how to do tile display on the Internet. Now, there are so many free online learning shelves and buying them. it's a waste of money. Saving money is king. If you treat your career with such a mentality. I'm sure even being able to survive in the tile industry. I also think it is a younger brother level. Look at the eyes of others. Don't tell me you don't want to make money.

      OK, let's introduce how to place the tiles. First of all, according to the size of your store, plan the size of the display and the location of the storage. This can be designed by yourself or please refer to the decoration designer for your reference. Specific things to buy a pack of cigarettes and eat.

      After the placement is determined, the type of display is purchased. There are pages, push and pull, etc. According to the features of the store, the selection of products and the customization of sizes. It is best to choose the same style as the decoration design of your own store. Matching is reasonable and then convenient for customers to watch and choose. Also, many of the current exhibition manufacturers are rough in production technology. Everyone should carefully select.

      According to the selection principle of the above two points, you will certainly be able to choose the tile display rack you want and the right one. Finally, I wish everyone a thriving ceramic tile business. Make more money.

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