How do shoe stores use display racks to increase sales during season change?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-02

fashion consumer goods market with season as time signal, season signal also means signal of competition. Trend-oriented businesses can often deliver seasonal information faster than natural time. Usually, seasonal changes have a great impact on shoe retail. When the goods change season, the task of the shoe store display rack is mainly to actively disseminate the following three aspects of information to customers.

1. the consumption season will change (Prompt customers that they may need shoes for the season);

2. new products of the brand should arrive at the store (Recommended theme product series);

3. the consumption trend that will be popular in the new season ( Guide consumption trends such as style/fabric/color/theme design/style).

How can these three information be spread to customers more quickly and effectively as display racks? Let's talk about the elements of the season-changing sales of shoe stores.

First of all: the display stand should conform to the seasonal atmosphere.

This is a factor from the outside to the inside. for example, with the arrival of winter, the color of the shoe display frame is best selected in the warm color series, and the warm color gives people a very comfortable visual feeling, if one more, comfortable and soft shoe is introduced at this time, the effect will be better.

then: there should be a special display stand to display the new/main products.

In the turn of the season, the customer's demand will be larger than usual. as a shoe store, no matter what kind of shoes are sold, there must be a main product, as a new listing, it is best to use the display stand to put the display stand in the center and the most visible position. Moreover, the new shoe display rack is different from the display rack of ordinary shoes, which is the most direct way to highlight the new model.

Finally: the introduction of fashion elements is essential if you buy brand shoes.

For example, the popular style in 2014: whether it is a classic or a publicity model; Color: warm or cold or mix and match; Style: retro style or campus style; Fabric: leather or canvas; And so on. Shoe stores need to keep up with the trend and add these elements to better facilitate sales.

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