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Several types of high-quality reclining display frames

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-06

The reclining frame is one of the most important designs in the field of the display frame, which has won the favor of countless customers. Today, I would like to share with you a few styles of reclining display racks.

Recliner stone display frame: Model S346

Length, width and height dimensions: 850*2700*2400. Size of the display panel: 810*810, which is suitable for sample tiles with size such as 800*800. The inclination angle of S346 is about 45 degrees. As it is of the double-row style, space can be saved while we try to place samples on it. The number of display boards that can be placed is about 20.


Length and width: The size of the 1040*1800*1280 display board is the same as the model S346. The difference is that its angle of inclination may be less than 30 degrees. It is suitable for close viewing. This model looks like relatively simple and delicate.

Recliner S350 model

Scale size: 2020*1220*2400. This display board is 10 centimeters larger than the previous two models, reaching the dimension of 910*910. The angle of inclination is the same as the first one. The only large difference is that this one is of single-row style. Therefore, it is more appropriate to be placed in the exhibition hall with insufficient space.

Recliner frame S339

Length and width: 3950*1130*2400. The size of this display board has two types: 510 * 1010mm and 610*1210, so customers can have a more flexible choice of samples.

The ratio of the recliner S332

This model can be said to have a high depth. The display board with the size of 1400*2820*1280 is flexible and can reach the dimension of 400*400. 610*1210.

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