The glue bonding strength test for the acrylic display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-04

It is well known that the main way of bonding acrylics is glue bonding, but many customers are often worried about whether the bonding of acrylics adopting this technique is firm and can the glue-bonded products be really suitable for the wide application?

Therefore, in order to eliminate the doubts of our customers, our company has specified that each acrylic bonded product needs to be tested for glue adhesion.

1. First, randomly select a glue-bonded acrylic display stand and confirm that the glue is completely dry and that the product is intact.

2. The test begins now, the tester uses both hands to lift the display stand horizontally and form a force in the opposite direction to the product.

3. Continue to exert force and gradually increase the strength.

4. Under the action of tension, the acrylic plate is damaged, but there is no separation in the glue bonding part.

Therefore, it can be proved that the bonding strength of the glue is higher than the strength of the acrylic plate itself. Even if the display frame is subjected to a major impact, the acrylic plate is cracked, but there will be no separation of the bonds.

Therefore, the acrylic display stand is not only good-looking but also very solid. That is, it looks good and is easy to use. If you have any doubts about the acrylic display stand, please come to consult!

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