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Four factors of increasing the attractiveness of cosmetic display cabinets

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-03

The cosmetics display cabinets are usually popular among customers who are from the cosmetics market and some cosmetics stores. So how to create an attractive display cabinet so as to attract customers?


1. Unique design. In the cosmetics stores, the display cabinet props and cosmetics display cabinets should be of artistic beauty. After the display cabinets are placed, the cosmetics are cleverly laid out to achieve the overall artistic effect. The design of the display should be novel, unique, and ingenious, which brings an irresistible attraction to consumers.


2. Reasonable placement. In order to attract consumers and facilitate consumers to visit and purchase, retail stores should flexibly choose the display space, display location, and stacking method of cosmetics according to the features of cosmetics, so that customers can see the panoramic view at a glance.


3. Humanized design. According to the consumer's psychological requirements and shopping habits, the cosmetics display cabinets of the same variety or series should be displayed in the same location. What's more, the height of the display should be appropriate, and it is easy for consumers to watch, so as to improve the visibility and positive visual effect.


4. Description of commodity information. Various explanatory information about cosmetics should be shown on the cosmetics display cabinet, such as price, fabrics, brand names, origins, etc., which should be comprehensive and true to facilitate consumers to fully understand the cosmetics.


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