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Foshan ceramic tile display frame _ news of exhibition frame _ Xiamen Yidu

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-08

What are the tile display rack manufacturers in Foshan?
Foshan Jinhua Shunxing Metal Products Co. , Ltd.
establishment Time: September 28, 2012
registered capital: RMB 3 million
Business scope: processing, production and sales: metal products and plastic products, household appliances, wood products, glass products, paper products and advertising materials; Other advertising services; Sales: ceramic products, garment accessories, leather products; Operate and represent all kinds of goods.
registered address:
Foshan Nanhai Xianda shelf Co. , Ltd.
establishment Time: november 15, 2005
registered capital: RMB 0. 5 million
Business scope: production and sales: shelves.
registered address:
Foshan Junxin Junli Metal Products Co. , Ltd.
establishment Time: september 08, 2017
registered capital: RMB 1 million
Business scope: Metal Crafts Manufacturing, metal Daily Necessities Manufacturing, metal structure manufacturing, metal signage manufacturing for transportation and public management, case, bag (Bag) Manufacturing, Rubber Board, pipe, belt manufacturing, daily ceramic products manufacturing (The above projects do not include investment by Foshan enterprises. .
Registered Address:
of course, there are not many ceramic tile display rack suppliers in Foshan, danzao town, Nanhai district, Foshan, Guangdong, China, you can look for it yourself.
What is the quality of Foshan tile display frame?
because Foshan, especially Shunde, belongs to an industrial cluster, resources and technology are very developed. The quality of the products produced is definitely ahead of the industry standards. The price of colleagues in good quality is also maintained at the first-line level. Many domestic peers can't accept it. Moreover, Foshan company or manufacturer's reputation outside is not particularly good, usually digging holes in contracts or other details. Buyers and customers can not be prevented. Of course, not all Foshan companies are like this, mainly reminding everyone to be careful when buying.
where exhibition stands can be comparable to Foshan ceramic tile exhibition stands
Many people say that Foshan has good quality and high price. Is there any good quality and reasonable price? I recommend a place: Xiamen, Fujian. Xiamen belongs to the economic development zone, where the shelf industry is also very developed and basically belongs to a mature industrial chain. There are great advantages in quality and innovation. Export throughput abroad is also very large. You can try it.

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