Floor tile exhibition hall decoration model placement and other issues

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-08

    Now the tile business knows the importance of storefront decoration. The storefront is not decorated. the tiles inside look very low. The price does not come up and people are still disgusted. There is no business. Therefore, at this stage, the ceramic tile circle is more popular to discuss how to decorate the model exhibition hall. It is both beautiful and atmospheric, that is, reasonable and spacious.

    First of all, comment on the problem of brick on the bottom surface of the decoration. Open the door to do business, people come and go, the most is to test the quality of floor tiles. It didn't take long for the poor quality to break down. Give the customer a bad impression: the bricks in your store are all like this. who dares to do business with you. I suggest using the bricks of the package. the package bricks have various specifications and colors, and the design is convenient and flexible. The most important thing is that its wear-resistant function is really good, and it is also waterproof and non-slip.

    In addition, on the placement of the model: you can use a variety of placement methods such as hanging, Pendulum, insertion, etc. , when designing the space, you can design it. There are also many model exhibition tools now, fashionable and novel. High grade.

    The problem of decorative cloth for bricks: it is not recommended to use the color of green and green to give customers a feeling of chaos and calm down. Customers can't calm down. do you think customers can stay with you for a long time? Leave without a few minutes. It is recommended to use decorative cloth in black and solid color.

      Tile specification problem: different tile display racks are purchased according to different specifications, and some display fixtures also have tiles suitable for different specifications. If your income is not bad, you can also design and build it yourself.

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