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Flame polishing skills for acrylic display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-02

During the production of acrylic display racks, the general large parts are polished with diamonds in batches. The finished product has a  transparent and bright polished effect and gives a good hand feeling. However, it still can't show its best advantages in some aspects. Thus, in order to obtain a perfect acrylic display frame, we use the flame polishing machine to polish the frame. Here are some tips for flame polishing and matters needing attention.


Flame polishing machine, also known as a hydrogen-oxygen generator or water hydrogen flame machine, is a kind of new environmental protection welding equipment that uses water as energy fuel for welding. The working principle is to use water as an alkaline catalyst (such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide). Under the reaction, the water is directly connected at both ends of the electrolytic cell (H2O). And the electrolytic hydrogen (H2 ) and oxygen (O2 ) Hydrogen are used as fuel with oxygen assisted. The hydrogen flame is formed by the safety valve and the flame retardant through the hydrogen and oxygen flame gun ( The adjustable flame temperature is up to 2800 degrees). Having finished all the processes, the workpiece is precisely welded.


The application of the flame polishing machine:

The flame polishing machine is suitable for casting, melting, and welding the gold, silver, platinum, copper, titanium of handicrafts, mirror frame, fiber optic stainless steel, etc. In addition, they are applicable to the welding connection of enameled wire and motor lead wire and the welding of the ear pins, safety pins, and claw chains. What's more, it is also suitable for water needle drawing sealing and other flame processing fields.


The features of the flame polishing machine:

1. With the function of controlling the power supply automatically, the machine controls the current not affected by the water level and temperature, making itself run more stably and safer and enjoy a longer service life.


2. With an electrolytic cell made of 316 stainless steel which strictly ensures the sealing performance and pressure resistance, the machine can be used for a long time without corrosion and leakage.


3. Low voltage electrolysis is adopted to strictly ensure insulation. People can directly touch the electrolytic cell without worrying about electric shock.


4. The flame of alcohol and boron acid powder is blue and green, and the temperature is adjustable and can reach up to 2800 degrees.


5. The equipment automatically starts gas production at low pressure without manual control, and can continuously operate.


6. The machine has the function of automatic high-voltage shutdown protection. When the air pressure reaches the set protection value, it will automatically stop.


7. The machine has a built-in safety pressure relief valve. When tempering, automatic pressure relief can prevent the internal explosion.


8. The welding gun itself also has an anti-tempering device to prevent the tempering phenomenon of the welding gun.


9. The welding guns includes 5 types of sizes to adapt to the welding of different workpieces.


10. The machine is also easy to operate.


11. The machine is designed with an anti-tempering device to prevent danger caused by the tempering phenomenon.


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