Pasting process of acrylic display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-04

Cosmetics need a creative display stand to show their features and to help to increase sales, but the complex acrylic cosmetic display stand is difficult to paste. We can customize the exquisite acrylic display stand for our customers, so let's see how we finish the pasting process.

Grease, dust or pore can impede the uniform coating of the adhesive and cause the formation of bubbles, affecting the aesthetics of the acrylic product. If the adhesive is not completely cured before it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, this will cause different degrees of yellowing of the acrylic product. So be sure to avoid this when bonding.

The adhesive itself has great applicability. All the adhesive will corrode the surface of the acrylic sheet. The amount of adhesive bonding should not be too small. The direct blowing of the adhesive will leave traces that are difficult to remove. The edges of the adhesive face may become white due to the rapid evaporation of the adhesive and will cause the adhesive to enter the air when the adhesive shrinks.

The process of pasting is a technical job that requires the operator to have a wealth of experience and skillful techniques. Whether the paste is good or not directly affects the aesthetics of the product. If the adhesive is poorly viscous or the glue will easily overflow when used, it cannot be used in an acrylic display stand. If you don't press hard on the acrylic display stand, bubbles will still appear. Then this acrylic product is unqualified.

We provide our customers with one-stop services such as free design, precise material opening, diamond polishing, engraving, screen printing, hot bending, pasting and packaging. It is expected that customers will receive our goods within one week.

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