How do we utilize supermarket shelves to display goods effectively?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-05

The goods display shelf of the supermarket should be used with full use of the business space. We should also arrange the goods well and orderly so that customers can see the goods at a glance and the product information should be passed to customers clearly and as soon as possible so as to stimulate and strengthen their determination to purchase. With the help of the exquisite display stand, goods can be effectively displayed. At the same time, it is also the basic business facilities for salespeople to provide high-standard services to customers. Whether it is cabinet supermarket shelves or box supermarket shelves, etc., they are often used to be placed with different products, which makes it convenient for customers to choose. The group of supermarket shelves is to be used as a sales guide and as marks to separate different varieties of goods so that customers can easily follow the passage network divided by supermarket shelves as soon as they enter the store business hall and distinguish the wide variety of goods in the supermarket. Thus, the sales service of the supermarket can be finished only with the guidance of the placement of supermarket shelves.

In the same supermarket, the shape of supermarket shelves should be basically unified in order to create a neat and orderly shopping environment and a good atmosphere for shopping. The consistent size, consistent material and consistent formal features that mainly refers to the top, foot, angle, surface of supermarket shelves can create a integrate decoration style. The uniform color of supermarket shelves will appeal to customers.

The layout of supermarket shelves is of great importance to the layout of the business hall since they are the main part of the supermarket. The channel woven by the supermarket shelves determines the flow of customers regardless of its placement methods such as the vertical crossing, slash crossing, radiation, free circulation or direct arrangement. Also, there should be certain flexibility in the change of goods contained in order to adjust the form of supermarket shelf layout as needed. Therefore, all kinds of supermarket shelves in modern integrated shopping malls are in the form of combination, and only some specialty stores use a small number of shelves with fixed forms.

Since the shape, volume, value, etc. of various types of goods have different properties, it is bound to put forward different requirements for exhibition and sales equipment such as supermarket shelves in order to achieve the best display effect. Designing supermarket shelves according to various types of goods is an effective method that requires efforts for a display in the current business hall design.

The particularity of commodities is mainly manifested in whether they can be stacked, hung, vertically placed, horizontally placed, in bulk, etc. Some commodities are sensitive to temperature and light and require glass refrigerated shelves for storage and display. Some precious commodities even have special requirements for the safety measures of supermarket shelves, and some commodities that are needed to be directly touched by customers for quality check. Thus, the shelves that hold these kinds of commodities should be well-designed to provide customers with sufficient convenience. For example, the drawer supermarket shelves of traditional Chinese pharmacies, the Bogu supermarket shelves of cultural relics stores, the platform supermarket shelves of bookstores, the box supermarket shelves of fruit stores, and the boom supermarket shelves of clothing stores are all designed according to the features of their respective business varieties.

The design of supermarket shelves should ensure that there is an appropriate area and space when the goods are displayed on the shelves. The goods can be effectively arranged in a horizontal style to show the different varieties and the vertical arrangement of shows the different specifications and grades of the same variety. The appropriate space not only provides a way to the vertical arrangement of supermarket goods shelves but also help the salesperson put goods on the shelves and clean shelves.

Supermarket shelves generally do not use irritating colors in order to display goods so as not to be offensive and cause an unpleasant feeling. However, we must take into account the usual color effect when determining the color match between the product display rack and the product. For example, when we display colorful goods, the color of supermarket shelves should be gray; When we display light-colored goods, the color of supermarket shelves should be deep; when we display dark goods, supermarket shelves should be designed with a light color. The designed color of supermarket shelves is to serve as a foil for the color of commodity colors.

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