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Factors that should be paid attention to when manufacturing display stands

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-06

With the prosperity and development of the world, the number of commercial activities is increasing as well, such as advertising, opening ceremony, commodity promotion, exhibition, sports meeting, press conference, and other activities involving various commercial fields. In those scenes, the flagpole display stand is an excellent and convenient display tool, playing an important role in enhancing the corporate image and attracting customers. At present, this kind of display method is becoming more and more popular.


In the market, in addition to the common electronic screen, LED, and other forms, more display tools such as acrylic display stands and cabinets are still being used. The increasing market demand boosts the development of the industry of the acrylic display stands. Next, some information about the production of the acrylic display stands will be introduced in detail.


The overview of the acrylic display stand:

The common specifications of the display stand are 60 cm x 160 and 80 cm x 180cm.


Advantages of the X display stand:

With a simple and compact structure and light weight, it is very easy to operate and carry. When the production is finished, the stand can be folded and taken away at will. Generally, the advertising picture can be printed with ordinary photographic paper. Moreover, some pictures can be printed on the display stand based on customers' requirements. Then, the picture will be attached to the film, which will help enhance the hardness of the display stand. However, the cost will increase as well.


Disadvantages of the X display stand:

The main parts, especially the middle part of the X display stand are basically made of plastic. Because plastic products are vulnerable, this virtually shortens the service life of the display stand and the advertising surface.


Here is the introduction to the production of the X display frame:

The only difference between the production of advertising drawings and photos is that, after the photo picture is made, it is generally used in combination with the board among the advertising materials. Moreover, there is no need to punch the four corners. However, in terms of the advertising picture of the X display frame, it requires the advertising materials to be of strong hardness because the materials with low hardness can't support the X-frame enough. In addition, the four corners of the X-frame should be punched.


The attentions needed when punching the advertisement picture:

When punching the X display frame, it is the best to stick 5 times on the back of the picture that needs punching to make it be of 6 layers, so that the service life won't be shortened. In addition, the margin of punching is generally kept at about 5cm.


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