Domestic ceramic tile sellers need to pay attention to custom imported ceramic tile display racks in

Domestic ceramic tile sellers need to pay attention to custom imported ceramic tile display racks in those places

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-08

            We have a part of the ceramic tile sales business that the domestic ceramic tile display frame is better than the foreign ceramic tile display frame design and production company in terms of shape design and product quality. As I am in this industry for 10 years, I should have a little say. Indeed, the Moon abroad will sometimes be round than the domestic. So I don't want to refute the difference between our Chinese tile display rack manufacturers and foreign countries. Here are some precautions for children's boots who are interested in customizing ceramic tile display stands abroad. Avoid being cheated abroad.  
            1. the price is not bad compared with three. Before customizing the foreign ceramic tile display frame, please consult the domestic production supplier now. First understand the same type of domestic products (Specifications, processes, logistics, etc)The price, to know. The advantage of this is to prevent some black-hearted foreign merchants from seeing the price increase deliberately by using Chinese customers' ignorance of the price.  
            2. in the purchasing area, China has its own trade belt and industrial belt. The same is true abroad. every place may have the products you need. However, judging from the whole, it is definitely the industrial belt or the production and design level of developed countries will be higher. The United States, Germany, France, these places because the level of production machinery is higher than which developing countries (Such as: somewhere in Africa). So those countries with high design level and mature mechanical level are the ones you should give priority.  
            3. the material is also divided into many materials just now. the quality is not good and the price is different. Although most foreign sellers may be more honest. But if you have goods in your stomach, foreign sellers will certainly look at you.  
            4. payment method, if you prove that you are almost close to the transaction at this step. In terms of price, we suggest a guarantee mechanism. Such as Alibaba International station. Avoid the various problems that arise later.  
            Finally, I wish you can customize to the perfect display frame suitable for the style of confidant tiles and highlight the features of tiles. Have a perfect shopping experience.

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