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Display stand with tiles hanging on the wall _ display stand news _ Xiamen Yidu

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-09

Would you like to ask what kind of exhibition stand is popular in 2018 tile shops? Is it, is it, or is it. Display frame hanging tile wall. What magic does it have to make so many customers fall in love with it in an instant?
What are the benefits of hanging on the wall?
at present, the stores in small and medium-sized cities in China are generally small, except for the reasonable use of the limited store display location, the volume of the ceramic tile display rack has also been included in the plan to save store space. the ceramic tile wall suspension display stand came into being in this market environment.

instantly fire through the market, achieved remarkable results. In addition to saving space area, there is also a reason that everyone ignores is that with the improvement of China's shelf production process, the quality of the exhibition frame has made great progress. You don't have to worry about the safety of the display rack anymore. With the display frame before

If you encounter a humid environment, thunderstorm season, the tile display frame is exposed to such a space for a long time, it is easy to derive rust, colleagues outside the exhibition frame also left a great hidden danger to the safety of the exhibition frame.
what styles are there in the display frame where the tile sample is suspended on the wall:
The current tile wall display frame style is still relatively single. However, Yidu is a company with a relatively large market share in the domestic ceramic tile shelf field. I am working with the company's R & D team day and night to strive for the early design of products that satisfy the market and are safer.

Please wait and see. R & D is expected to be successful in the second quarter of 2018. In addition, please contact our customer staff if you need to buy ceramic tile wall display frame now.
due to the order time, the production time period is different, according to the customers and quantity in different regions, we will have a different production cycle in order to ensure the production quality. Therefore, please ask customers and friends to confirm the order in time to prevent your order from being delayed.

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