Cardboard floor display is a temporary display for new product or Promotional Activities. There are many styles you can choose base on your product characteristics. For example cardboard tier floor stand, cardboard tray floor display, retail shelf merchandiser, cardboard shelf display, Bin display, cardboard pocket display, side wing peg hook displays, double side and four side displays, pallet display and modular pallet displays. View more styles suit for your products as below now.

There are 14 plastic 8 inches hooks next to the header. Can hang some samples for try or checking. Below the hooks there are 3 cardboard shelves, can display product which sell by pack.

The structure of the shipper show with associate degree inclined degree for higher product showing to customers, reaching the most visual effect.

Cardboard Sanitary Ware Products Display could be a low-priced advertising talent to boost product promotion and new whole awareness in any field of product class in stores.

The structure has the benefits of easy and sensible use. Suitable for a spread of hanging product. Portable and header removable.

The great advantage of Merchandise dump bins display is little packing size once flat packed.

The cardboard floor show stand is removable and cheaper than the metal/acrylic racks, that saves the world and save price.

Magic Eggs Shipper Display, it's a huge box display operating as a shipper carton to pack product throughout shipping and a displays shelf to showcase merchandise.

Features of ​Cardboard Magic Eggs Corrugated Display shelf: To be a highlight for the merchandise in giant merchandise of stores. More valued another into product via using a written cardboard show to draw a great deal of potential attention.

Greeting card display stand is best thanks to show in stores. like cards, typically it's a present with grateful words, and it's additionally a salutation with heat words

Cardboard Display Stand Template is especially suited to displaying garment product which require to hanging out for shopper to own a strive.

This kind of cardboard cutout makes the post to be very to draw in customers. it's additionally accustomed be AN exhibition show stand to the Trade Fairs, Shows, hotels, volunteer activities.

Feature: The floor corrugated display stand is intended to carry bottles in several sizes in Chile Supermarkets. Holes/Slots per shelf aims to stay the bottles stand still and bottles to be organized.

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