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Design and production of exhibition frame

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-10

    There are two kinds of situations: ① design your own production. 2 look for Display rack supplier . Xiamen points and everyone to explain.

① design your own production process
1. find a design drawing master. the disadvantage of your own production is that the design is not beautiful, at this time, you need to find a designer with a certain aesthetic.
2. purchase materials: This building materials market can be purchased directly, paint, stainless steel, electric welding, glue and so on.
3. last step: assemble it yourself. Simple and convenient
2 Looking for exhibition rack supplier
1. according to your own needs, you can find it online and locally.
2. direct selection on the Internet, as well as some local exhibition halls, it will be more assured to go directly to the store and the quality will be guaranteed.
3. the general aesthetic level of the supplier is enough. But still can not be too reassuring in quality. It is most important to distinguish yourself.

    Finally, if a friend in Xiamen needs to buy a showcase, he can go to our Yidu exhibition hall to find out.

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