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Demonstration process and functional requirements of ceramic tile Exhibition Hall

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-08

1. Presentation process and environment
(1) Think carefully about the expectations and needs of customers, and any irrelevant things should be reduced, such as: slogans.  
(2) There should be a simple chilling process at the beginning (Meet &Greet)And the description of the company's service project.  
① How much time does the customer have today? Why come and visit? Who introduced it? What's expected?  
What is the tile? Composition of tiles? What's the difference between what we offer and what design companies offer?  
③ introduction to short films or product manuals
(3) Selective key introductions do not necessarily need to be introduced one by one, depending on the customer's focus
(4) The customer's problem highlights his focus. remember to take notes; And strengthen the introduction of interested parts
2. big classification of function introduction
(1)Operation interface: TV navigation interface (Remote Control)Traditional scene panel (Shortcut keys) IPad/iPhone, AndroidPad/Phone (APP) , Touch screen, CA/NYCE remote control
① the remote control is particularly important and must be reinforced
② the touch screen is particularly important and must be reinforced
③ C4 wireless scene panel can be added to use in some rooms
④ CA/NYCE remote control can be used as a demonstration for the elderly to prevent falling down or TV operation
(2)Focus on audio and video control
① concept of N-in-one and universal remote control
2 video matrix function demonstration
(3)Background music presentation highlights
① the TuneIn host is the broadcast music server
2 AirPlay/DLNA wireless music Bridge
3 the host of MyMusic is a digital music server
④ single room play, party mode, partition mode
(4)Demonstration focus of light control
① How to highlight the dimming effect
2 How to highlight scene changes
3 How to combine the atmosphere of light and music
4 How to match the sensor (Automatic lighting) 
(5)Security Monitoring
① combining with background music and lighting
2 Integration with sensors
3 integration with security system
4 integrated system screen
(6)Motor control
1 curtain system
2 garage control
3 lifting frame
4 valve control
5 watering system
(7)Air conditioning floor heating
① control interface
2 linkage control
(8)Integrated programming demonstration function
① lighting scene, as you like
② music list, rich and changeable
③ the scene of Morning Call and cater to the needs
④ notification function, the most intimate
5 SMS mail, master one hand
⑥ schedule, autonomous action
3, others
① rhythm and rationality of programming
2 functional design of conference room
3 for each product line, there should be high and low options, such as curtains (Somfy/Dolya/chuangming)

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