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Damage to human body using non-environmental protection material display rack

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-03

acrylic display stand can be seen everywhere. will everyone worry about the impact on the environment and health and show it beautifully- Acrylic display stand through the global standard CNAS, ILAC- MRA, STU raw materials are non-toxic and environmental protection testing, giving you a guarantee of peace of mind.

The Product Display racks for exquisite display are: most of the cosmetics display racks, nursing products display racks, wine racks, consumer electronics display racks, jewelry display racks, etc. are sold overseas, all produced according to export standards, all through CNAS, ILAC- MRA, non-toxic and environmental protection test report of STU raw materials.

maybe you still have questions. can acrylic display rack products really be non-toxic and environmental friendly?

In fact, with the increase of modern living standards, people's awareness of food safety, whether it is for the food itself or the utensils for holding food, it must be non-toxic and environmental friendly, and the high transparency of acrylic products makes many people willing to use acrylic as raw materials for processing and production, and even use acrylic products to directly store food.

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