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Daily maintenance of display racks

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-10

    Usually the service life of the display frame is very long. Without considering the replacement of the exhibition cabinet, it can generally be used for decades. However, due to the usual ceramic tile merchants do not pay attention to the details of the display rack, the display rack will not be used for two or three years. As long as you pay attention to some details, it will not take you a few minutes to maintain the display rack every day. Maintenance is mainly considered in the following aspects.

    I, Placement environment: many display racks are made of steel or wood products. If placed in a humid environment mixed with moisture in the air, it is easy to rust and crack. long display frame will naturally be useless. In this case, it is necessary to avoid placing it in a moderately large place. If you must place it in this environment, it is recommended to use air desiccant. Cattle blankets are used on the ground. This will be better.

    Second, Place it at will: Buy a display stand and wish to put all your exhibits on the display stand, causing serious overloading of the display stand. The consequences of this may lead to the collapse of the showcase. It not only increases the risk factor of the person, but also easily destroys the placement structure of the exhibition frame itself. The general exhibition stands are designed by professional designers, and are carefully considered in terms of strength and beauty. The ratio of gold for the layman to place the display frame at will is gone.

    Third, Suitable sunlight: proper sun irradiation can not only sterilize and disinfect, but also release the original element structure ratio of the display frame. Makes the display stand more durable.

    IV, The feather duster is often cleaned: in order to make the paint more shiny and bright, it is not so fast to become dull. It is necessary to use a feather duster to clean the dust on the display stand.

    To achieve the above four points, basically the common display rack maintenance work can be easily solved. In fact, this knowledge is all right. It's just that a lot of details are considered in terms of focus. I am here to summarize the methods and integrate them with you. Hope to be useful to everyone.

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