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Directly printed and custom built, corrugated Custom Cardboard Display are three dimensional retail cardboard displays that serve both branding and functional purposes.There are many benefits to incorporating corrugated cardboard displays into your marketing programs.

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The advantages to using point of purchase cardboard displays to promote your product are endless! One of the strongest ways to catch a customer’s attention when you are displaying your product is by using custom cardboard displays that properly house your products as well as build your company’s branding. Visual merchandising is key to any good marketing plan, and with retail store corrugated displays that are built to draw attention, you can ensure your product stands out.


SAFEKA PACKAGING & DISPLAY Ltd. (SPD) offers a wide variety of custom options for your custom cardboard display needs. Our in-house graphic and structural designers can help you create a cardboard display that custom fits your unique product, no matter the shape or size.


If you have custom-made, promotional, custom cardboard display  for retail products, make sure that stand up to storage before they get to your customers’ sales floor(s).  You need effective cardboard display design services and manufacturing that lets your promotional product serve the shipping and storage process.

Our point of purchase cardboard displays stand is guaranteed to raise sales by simply being more visible to the consumer. No matter what business you are in, or what product you are producing, SAFEKA knows what effectively engages customers. We will work with you and your marketing team from idea to finished product to capture your customer’s attention.


Our in-house design team can assist you company with developing customized materials that promote your business or products effectively.

There are a number of various different types and sizes of corrugated cardboard, not just the type used for your typical shipping boxes. When you contact us for a custom cardboard display project, we will choose the best type of substrate to use for your specific needs, and depending on your end-use the display may have more than one type in the final design. However, for informative purposes, corrugated cardboard is commonly produced in four different "flute" or thickness sizes.


"B-Flute"(used for diecut boxes) & "C-Flute (used for RSCs). B-Flute is compressed and appears thinner, but don't be fooled. It is made with more paper to provide stronger side wall protection from blows and punctures. C-flute is taller, with more air space, but offers enhanced stacking strength. For excellent graphic reproduction, consider E-Flute


SAFEKA DISPLAY specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing custom cardboard displays for the retail environment. Ideally, point of sale (POS) floor displays are designed to market your product through eye-catching graphics and structural creativity. Our structural and graphic display design, project management, and sales teams have years of experience to help your company launch your custom cardboard display for retail into the marketplace.

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What is the benefit of custom cardboard displays?


First, by creating the displays with corrugated cardboard this provides your brand with a viable economical solution to produce large quantities of displays for multiple store-roll outs, while staying within your budget.


Second, cardboard display is light and versatile. This gives you the flexibility to create a custom cardboard display specific to your brand or product needs, as well as the ability to move the display around your retail environment at a given notice.


Third, corrugated cardboard is made out of recycled materials and is an eco-friendly substrate. Once the life cycle of the displays has ended, they can be taken down and easily recycled.

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